Jacob Garneau



Hexaia is a collaborative tile-placement world-building game where the players must create a world from nothing by placing down various types of hexagonal tiles. There is no concrete goal to the game other than to build a world together, which means that the players are completely free to take the approach they want in doing so. The main point of the project is to observe how communication can exist in a textless environment where the players only have access to the mechanics of the game to convey any sort of idea.

It was built in JavaScript with the three.js library and runs on a Node.js server that uses Socket.io to handle real-time interactions as well as a MongoDB database to save its data.

Game tip: You can place down new tiles on any of the white hexagons. Placing down a mountain gives 6 currency to every other player, so the best way to gain currency is to place down mountains and hope that others will do so too in return.