Jacob Garneau



Lumivers was a multimedia project I made in collaboration with Rémi Perreault, Tatiana Titov, and Vincent Barriault as a submission for Chaos Média, a yearly event at Cégep Édouard-Montpetit where the students of the Technique d'intégration multimédia program showcase creative end-of-studies projects to the public. It won 2nd place by public vote at the event.

The project we made was a game where the player would pilot a spaceship around planets in space while searching for coins scattered around them. Once the player had collected all the coins, they could move on to the next world.

What made Lumivers unique was its control scheme: the players could use a DIY joystick to rotate the ship but could only go forwarding by pedaling on a modified set of tricycle wheel and pedals on which we had added magnets and an Arduino that sent a signal to the computer while the wheel was rotating.

The game itself, which was built in C# using Unity, is not online anymore, but below are links to the 3D models and the soundtrack I made for the project, as well as to a making-of video in which we can see parts of the creation process and some gameplay footage.